Why are most SSDI claims denied?

You may have heard that the bulk of claims for Social Security Disability Insurance are denied upon the initial application. It’s not certain precisely how many SSDI claims are denied, but it’s believed that at least 60 per cent and perhaps as many as 75 per cent of all first-time disability claims are rejected.Why do these denied claims happen? Many factors may be to blame.

First, some denied SSDI claims could be rejected on completely legitimate grounds. Not everyone who applies for SSDI has a valid claim. But many also could be denied on slight technicalities.

Too, keep in mind that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has become burdened with an extraordinarily large number of such claims in recent years. This has happened as the so-called Baby Boomer generation has arrived at an age when many such persons become disabled, yet haven’t quite reached 65, when they’ll become eligible for full Social Security benefits.

Such persons, before 65, can apply for SSDI payments to keep them afloat financially until they reach 65 and can receive normal Social Security benefits.

But with so many applicants, the SSA may not give as much time to each applicant as it should, and out of sheer expedience, it may deny many such claims.

It’s even believed that as many as 80 per cent of those who appeal this decision also are denied in the appeals process. That process can include a hearing before an administrative law judge and perhaps even a court case in U.S. District Court.

But even if 80 per cent of appeals are denied, it still means that 20 per cent of those who appeal manage to get their claim approved. You, certainly, could be one of those one in five persons who succeeds in this way with an approved claim.

However, you are unlikely to break into that group if you don’t have proper representation and support in asserting your disability claim. And that can come from the experienced disability lawyers with Social Security Disability Lawyer.com.

We can provide you with a skilled SSDI lawyer for you and your state who can fight for your right to disability payments to which you are legally entitled if you’ve become physically or mentally impaired before age 65 and are unable to work.

With the odds already stacked against you in terms of the amount of claims routinely denied, why take a chance that your claim won’t be yet another one that’s lumped into the large mass of denied claims? Instead, get your claim to stand out with knowledgeable help from an SSDI lawyer or disability attorney with our legal service.

To get started, just call us or direct this site’s free consultation form to us. In either case, we’ll promptly get back to you to assist you with your SSDI claim — and to help you secure the disability payments you need and deserve.

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