SSDI Claim Approval Times Can Vary

Now that you’ve filed for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you may be concerned about the length of time it will take for your disability claim to gain approval.

Well, first consider the fact that up to three-fourths of all initial claims are rejected. So for most disability claimants, the time to get a claim approved also involves the claims appeals process. No approval can come until an appeal is made and an appeal prevails.That said, you should understand the processes for handling your SSDI claim or disability insurance claim. These processes can take as much as half a year — or maybe even more time. Then, your claim still could be rejected by the Social Security Administration, or SSA.

That brings us to the SSDI appeals process. How does a claim appeal proceed?

The initial step is for Disability Determination Services (DDS) to send you a letter declaring its decision. Should DDS okay your SSDI claim, your letter from DDS will indicate how much money you’ll receive as payments and when those payments will start.

However, in most cases this letter from DDS will not be a claim approval but a claim rejection. In that case, your DDS letter will indicate the reasons for its claim denial. Your DDS letter also will tell you in what ways you can appeal your denied claim.

How many ways can you appeal? First, you can simply request a reconsideration of the rejection by the DDS. This may involve approximately a three-month wait.

Instead of asking the DDS to reconsider, you could go straight to your appeal by asking for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. To request such an appeal hearing, you need to make the request within two months, or 60 days, after the date on your letter from the DDS denying your claim.

This is the point when many persons whose claims were denied seek an SSDI lawyer or disability lawyer to assist them with the appeals process. If they couldn’t get their initial claim approved, it can be even more difficult to gain approval on appeal, so getting help may be vital.

Now, how long does this part of the appeals process take?

The news isn’t good. With such a backlog of cases, it can consume up to a year and a half for you to get a hearing before an administrative law judge. Or it can take six months or so. But even after this hearing finally comes, it might be up to half a year before the judge gives a decision on your appeal.

Let’s say your appeal is denied. Then you have another 60 days or two months to appeal this denial to what is known as the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration. And then that can take up to two years.

If that, in turn, fails, you can re-apply for disability benefits and simply start over, or you can wage a lawsuit in U.S. District Court claiming disability benefits, including payments for the money you’d have been paid if your claim had been initially approved.

Clearly, you need all the help you can get, not only to prevail with a disability claim or a claim appeal, but to hasten the process so it doesn’t take years — years you can’t wait if you need disability payments now.

Such help is here. Our nationwide legal service can provide you with a disability lawyer or SSDI lawyer to help you advance your disability claim.

Alert us via this site’s online form for a free legal consultation, or call us. Either way, you won’t have to wait long on us. We’ll hurriedly respond with help for your Social Security Disability Insurance claim.

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