Does glaucoma qualify me for disability payments?

Do you suffer from glaucoma? If so, you may know that it involves pressuring building up in the eye to the point that the retina or optic nerve are damaged. This damage can result in vision loss.When it comes to seeking Social Security Disability Insurance based on glaucoma as a disability, you should know that it can qualify you for SSDI or perhaps SSI, also known as Supplemental Security Income.

However, qualifying for either will be depend on exacting medical tests to establish the level of your vision loss. These levels must correspond with “listings” by the Social Security Administration, or SSA.

Listing 2.06 concerns Total Bilateral Opthamoplegia, or loss of muscle function in both of your eyes. If your condition complies with this listing, you should qualify for disability benefits.

Listing 2.04 concerns Loss of Visual Efficiency. This means your better eye has 20 per cent or less visual efficiency after a correction. This, too, should qualify you.

Listing 2.03 concerns contractions of peripheral visual fields in your better eye, as measured by a peripheral field test. It must establish that you have difficult seeing peripherally, or to the sides. If you do, you may qualify for SSDI.

Listing 2.02 concerns Impairment of Visual Acuity. In this case, the better eye must have 20/200 vision or less after a correction. Again, this may qualify you.

Even if your vision problem does not correspond to such listings, you still may be able to gain SSDI benefits.

In that case, you’d need to be able to show that your vision problem is so bad that you have no “residual functional capacity” (RFC) to work in a current job or in a job you’ve held in the last 15 years, or are unable to adapt to a new job due to your RFC, age, education and work history.

Certainly, vision loss can be a major factor in whether or not a person is deemed disabled and therefore unable to work. And glaucoma is one form of vision loss. Thus, your glaucoma may be a means of asserting your right to disability insurance.


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