Denied Claim for SSDI?

Perhaps you submitted a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance, also known as SSDI, and wound up with a denied claim. Then what can you do?

For one thing, be aware of your rights. You have a legal right to appeal your claim. Your local Social Security Administration office may say otherwise, but you do. You can appeal. And that’s that.

Denied Claim Odds

You also should know that the odds for having a denied claim are quite high. In fact, the odds are against your initial claim being approved by the SSA. Around three-fourths of all such Social Security disability claims are denied. So you are hardly alone.

Next, you should know that you can increase your denied claim’s odds for approval upon appeal by engaging an experienced and knowledgeable SSDI lawyer or Social Security disability lawyer. In this way you can perhaps join the estimated 50 to 60 per cent of people whose denied claim for SSDI is approved on appeal.

Social Security Claim Lawyer

Your Social Security claim lawyer from our law firm will know and understand the red tape and ramifications of the complex requirements by the SSA. He or she can determine where your denied claim failed to provide the information required by the SSA, or if it wasn’t presented in the correct form or manner.

Your Social Security claim lawyer also will be experienced in dealing with denied claim appeals. This process may involve a hearing before an administrative law judge, at which your SSDI lawyer can speak for you when needed and help you to assert your case.

Denied Claim Appeal

Your appeal of your denied claim for Social Security benefits can be made even if you moved in the time — perhaps months — between filing a claim and making an appeal. (You have 60 days from the date of your denied claim’s letter from SSA to file an appeal.)

That’s because Social Security and its benefits such as SSDI are nationwide in scope. Social Security is governed by federal law, and you can live in any state and receive Social Security disability benefits.

Denied Claim Can Prevail

Again, you stand a better chance of having your denied claim approved on appeal if you engage a Social Security disability lawyer for your case. In fact, if your denied claim isn’t approved by an administrative law judge, you may have the option of filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the SSA, for which clearly you will need a Social Security lawyer or disability lawyer.

To get legal help in submitting your appeal for a denied claim for Social Security Disability Insurance, notify our law firm of your needs. We will promptly respond to assist you in assessing your denied claim’s situation and determining how to proceed next.

But remember: Don’t delay. You have just 60 days after your denied claim letter from the SSA (Social Security Administration) to proceed with an appeal.

Alert us today of your denied claim situation, either by calling our toll-free number or by using this site’s online form for a free legal consultation. Your future is too important to accept denial of your claim — not when your denied claim can prevail in the appeals process.

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