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Applying for Disability Benefits or Disability Insurance Benefits

How do you apply for disability benefits or disability insurance?

You can do it by yourself and deal directly with the Social Security Administration (SSA) in your state. Or, you can get a disability lawyer with skill and experience in filing such claims — a lawyer who can help you individually to apply for disability.

Our SSDI Lawyers and SSI Attorneys Can Help

If you decide on the latter approach, we’re definitely here to help. Our knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorneys, SSDI lawyers or SSI attorneys can gladly help you apply for disability benefits — and help you try to avoid the ranks of 75 per cent of persons whose claim is rejected by the SSA.

That’s right: As many as 75 per cent of all persons who first apply for SSI or SSDI benefits have their claim rejected by the SSA. That leaves them facing an often lengthy process of filing an appeal for a denied claim.

But you don’t have to face that, too. Instead, you can apply for disability coverage with help from an SSDI attorney or SSI lawyer with our law firm.

Our Disability Lawyers are Members of the NOSSCR

And consider this: Our disability lawyers and attorneys all are members of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives (NOSSCR). That means we have the experience and knowledge you need to file your successful claim.

Before you consider engaging fly-by-night services that offer no licensed lawyers or attorneys, ask if they’re members of NOSSCR. Most likely, they won’t be. But we are.

Get an SSDI Lawyer or SSI Attorney

Besides helping you to apply for disability insurance, your SSDI lawyer or SSI attorney can help you to appeal your claim if it’s rejected on technical grounds.

Many such appeals are successful. In fact, it’s believed the majority of appealed claims eventually are granted.

But again, you should get a Social Security Disability Insurance lawyer or Supplemental Security Income attorney to handle your case.

So contact us today, either by using the online form on this page, or by phoning. Then we’ll quickly respond with assistance in helping you apply for disability benefits.

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